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The Detective ClanEdit

Basic dataEdit

Names: Ginny Weasley , Mora (my real name)

Ages: 11

Country: China (Beijing)

School: Beijing Experimental School


Worst enemies: Áraba Lidiana and her Scorpio City Monsters

Why "The Detective Clan"?Edit

In Zoisite's very first journey at Storm School, Jaspe invited her to form part of her group, which has already Phoebe and Rodocrosite as members. The clan was first called the Scholar Girlz, because they were at school and they didn't have many imagination for names. After a few weeks, they started noticing strange things happen in Storm School so they decided to find out who was causing such troubles and problems in their school It took them a while to find out who was behind those troubles and problems. 

The first problems was that one of their teachers desappeared suddenly when she was in class. As every student was talking and not paying attention, they didn't notice that the teacher had gone. Jaspe realized it when they were in the canteen to have lunch, because this teacher was absent. Jaspe told her friends and they first believed she had gone mad, but after two hours, they also realized that there was a teacher missing. Zoisite suggested to have a look arround the school and see if she was in the school, hidden somewhere. As they searched for nearly five hours and a half, they understood that their Defence against Scorpio City Monsters teacher had vanished from Storm School.

When they find out about Áraba Lidiana and Lighting High School, Rodocrosite suggests to go and rescue their teacher, as the Defence against the Scorpio City Monsters was a very important subject. 

Finally, when all is mended, Phoebe says that the Scholar Girlz isn't the proper name to describe their clan, so Zoisite writes down the new name of their group: The Detectve Clan.

More infoEdit

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